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Baumkuchen Oven

Small but reasonable priced oven!
This machine bakes a single spit of baumkuchen in 15cm diameter x 38cm long.
With the skill of the craftsman and increasing layers of the baumkuchen, the in-store baking demonstration
is eye-catching and appealing.
The performance and the aroma of fresh baking attract many customers and
make a big impression.

Baumkuchen Oven BUE01B

Unit Dimensions
745(+135) wide x 800 depth x 895mm high
Electrical 200V, 3Ph., 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption 5.4Kw
Rated Ampere 15A
R.P.M. 30rpm (50Hz.)/36rpm(60Hz.)
Effective Baking Area 180mm dia x 400mm length maximum
Creamy Dough Container 10 liters
Timer Alarm Timer 1 set
Unit Net Weight 120Kgs

How to Use

  • 1Fill the dough tank with mixed creamy dough.
  • 1Install the spit (noodle bar) in the unit.
  • 1Dip the spit into mixed creamy dough while manipulating the handle.
  • 1Shape the dough around the spit by spatula and bake it.
  • 1Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add layers to the baked dough on the spit.
  • 1Hang the spit of baked layered dough on the rack.

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