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Vegetable Cutter

This page is to introduce Commercial Slicer, Shredder, Grating appliances used to greatly facilitate and speed up pretreatment of vegetable.
Our product line consists of 4 type of appliances : Mini Slicer which diversifies its feature as vegetable or fruit slicer, shredder or grater by changing a disc blade, Cabbage Slicer and Long Radish Slicer, White Radish Grater. Your chef will surely be satisfied with their blade's sharpness and beautiful results.


Vertical-type Vegetable Cutter CV-150B

This vegetable cutter is designed especially for chopping vegetables such as cabbage, onion, carrot. Remove core of vegetable first and put 4 to 8 cm precut vegetable into the chamber.
It chops vegetable and the product goes through the outlet quickly. You can easily modify cutting texture by setting the coarseness adjusting plate.

Recommended Uses: (General Cuisine)
Fine, thin slicing of onions, carrots, parsley, celery, pickles, etc.(Chinese Cuisine)
Fine, thin slicing of cabbage, bok choy, onions, dried / fresh mushrooms,
carrots, bamboo shoots, etc.

Dimensions(WxDxH) 230 W x 272 D x 380 mm H
Net Weight 5.0 Kgs
Electrical 220V, 1Ph. 50/60Hz. 150/160W
Rated time 30 minutes


Mini Vegetable Slicer SS-250C

With this multi-purpose designed vegetable slicer, you can cut vegetables in various
style such as slicing, shredding and grating by changing disc blades. Available discs are;
slicer or shredder for cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers as salad, and grater disc for white radish as garnish.

How to Use

  • 1Cut vegetables to accommodate slicer inlet size.
  • 2Place bowl / receptacle under slicer outlet chute.
  • 3Turn on power switch.
  • 4Place vegetable in inlet tray, push it by pusher.
  • 5When slicing is completed, turn off power switch.

Setting a blade disc

  • 1Unplug the unit. Press hook and open lid.
  • 2Mount blade disc on unit on shaft.
  • 3Fasten blade disc fastening nut counter-clockwise.

Optional Slicing Disc Blades

Thin slices

Dual-blade disc slicer

  • SS-0.5B (0.5 mm thick)
  • SS-0.8B (0.8 mm thick)
  • SS-1.2B (1.2 mm thick)
  • SS-1.5B (1.5 mm thick)

Thin slices

Triple-blade disc slicer

  • SS-3B (0.3 mm thick)

Medium-thick slices

  • SS-2.0B (2.0 mm thick)
  • SS-2.5B (2.5 mm thick)
  • SS-3.0B (3.0 mm thick)

Shredder disc

  • SS-C1B (1.2 mm x 3.0 mm thick)
  • SS-C2B (1.5 mm x 3.0 mm thick)
  • SS-C3B (2.0 mm x 4.0 mm thick
Dimensions(WxDxH) 320mm W x 270 D x 505 H
Electrical 220V 50/60Hz. 1Ph. 70/80W
Net weight 7.5Kgs.
Slicing capacity 1.5Kgs. per min. (using SS-0.8B)


Automatic Cabbage Slicer SS-6300

This slicer is designed exclusively for slicing cabbage. Cut cabbage in half or quarter,
and take out its core before setting. Place cabbage into the machine and it is sliced
without the need to push it. A slicing thickness up to 5mm is available and a dedicated
blade sharpener is mounted onto the slicer as a standard accessary, enabling easy
sharpening when the blade dulls.

  • SS-6300
  • SS-6300

How to Use

  • 1Remove core of a cabbage and set it into the machine.
  • 2Switch on the machine to slice the cabbage automatically.

Slice Thickness Adjustor

Adjust its thickness with dial for 0.8-5mm thickness

Blade Sharpener is provided as standard accessary

  • Sharpening
  • Deburring
Electrical 100V, 1Ph, 150/180W
Dimensions(WxDxH) 360 W x 380 D x 502mm H
Net Weight 17kgs/unit
Capacity Cabbage 0.65/0.95kgs/min. (0.8mm thickness)
Rated Time 30 minutes


Semi-automatic Long Green Onion Cutter SW-820B

This product cuts long green onions of appropriate proportions through a belt feeder.
When onion stalks are fed into the machine, the stalks are automatically cut according
to the preset thickness. Thickness settings range from 1 to 5 mm. A dedicated blade
sharpener is mounted onto the cutter as a standard accessary for easy sharpening when the blade dulls.

Dimensions(WxDxH) 258mm W x 437 D (+125) x 426 H
Net weight 12Kgs.
Electrical 100V 1Ph. 80W
Rated Time 25 minutes


Oroshi-ki Root Grater RG-20B

This product is developed specifically for grating white radish or daikon and comes with
an auxiliary pusher that aids grating. Cut white radish into appropriate size before
setting it into the machine. Place the precut vegetable into the inlet of the machine and
push it with the auxiliary pusher to feed the vegetable in. The disc blade is reversible,
and you can set the front side to a standard texture and the back side to a finer texture.

  • RG-20B
  • RG-20B

Reversible Grating Disc

Reversible grating disc blade is provided as standard
accessary. You can choose grating level by selecting its front
or rear side .

Dimensions(WxDxH) 265 W x 367 D x 405 H mm
Net weight 12Kgs.
Electrical 100V 50/60 Hz. 1Ph. 300W(50Hz)/360W(60Hz)
Rated Time 20 minutes
Inlet Dimensions 74 W x 82 H mm
Slicing capacity 1.2Kgs(50Hz)/1.5Kgs.(60Hz.) in 20 minutes

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