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Hatsuyuki DC 12V Ice Shaver Models HC8EDC/HF50DC 

1) Peel away the vinyl coating at the edge of the cable to release the copper wires. There is a starter slit at the edges of the black and white cable, to help.
And you can peel the vinyl cable end easily and copper wires come out.

2) Put the cable through the white band on the back of the HC8EDC/HF50DC.

3) Loosen the screws of the terminal on the back of HC8EDC/HF50DC.
Put the copper wires between the fastener metal plates. Then fasten the bolts to put the wires to the terminal firmly.
NOTE: You do NOT need to wind the wires around the screws. Simply fasten the copper wires between the two plates with the screws.

4) Fasten the screw of the white band to fix the cable in place. This prevents the cable from pulling out from the HC8EDC/HF50DC terminal.

5) Connect the cable to a DC 12V deep cycle battery. Check the connection as HC8EDC/HF50DC PLUS (+) to Battery PLUS (+), and MINUS (-) to MINUS (-).

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